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al-Madaniya magazine is a platform for Yemeni art, culture and civil society. It aims to highlight and nurture Yemeni art, culture and civil society initiatives through contributions from emerging and established writers, photographers and creatives

The magazine aims to impact the way Yemenis view their own society by providing a space for its cultural, intellectual and artistic productions, and by highlighting initiatives bridging social divisions. By presenting all contributions in both Arabic and English language, the magazine allows the international reader to explore an undiscovered side to Yemen, which differs from images of Yemen created in mainstream media

al-Madaniya magazine is a project implemented by the Yemen Polling Center and made possible by the generous funding of the German Institute of Foreign Affairs. Al-Madaniya Magazine is run by a diversified team, from experienced artists, editors and writers to academics, journalists and consultants; check the contact section for more details about the team.

For the period of April and December 2018, the magazine is pleased to work with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation as a funding partner.

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We always welcome submissions from talented Yemeni writers, photographers and creatives.

General inquiries:

Implementing organization: Yemen Polling Center

Funded by: The German Institute for Foreign Affairs


Magazine’s Team:

Culture & Art Editor: Fatima Saleh

Gender & Women Editor: Ghaida’a Al-Absi

Arabic Editor: Abdulsalam al-Rubaidi

English Language Editor: Jatinder Padda

Photo & Video Editor: Abdurahman Hussein

Social Media Manager: Waed Al-Madhaji

Managing Editor: Hamza Shiban

International Consultant: Mareike Transfeld

Yemen Polling Center Director: Hafez Albukari